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Opening a Bank Account

Opening a Bank Account

The process of opening a bank account is one of the most applied processes by almost every citizen. Many transactions are made much easier via a bank account. The process of opening a bank account is very important, particulary in order to receive a salary or to make an insurance entry. Insurance transactions are carried out completely through the bank account. In other words, even if individuals do not get involved into the bank system in any way, they must open a bank account at certain points in their lives. In certain situations, the account can even be used actively. For that, how to open a bank account or what to consider when opening a bank account should be taken into consideration.

 What is an Individual Bank Account?

Individual bank account is a technology that directly serves for individuals. Users can easily pay into and withdraw money from their bank account. At the same time, this is a system that transferring money to other bank accounts can be easily done. There is currently a wide variety of banks in use. Opening an account is one of the most basic services for every bank. It is possible for anyone over the age of 18 to open an account at any bank. Banks actually offer 2 types of accounts to their customers. One of them is a time deposit account and the other is a draw account. In time deposit accounts, users deposit a certain amount of money. Then, money starts to accumulate over this system with a certain interest rate. In this system, depositors must wait for the due date in order to withdraw their deposited money. In the current account, all transactions can be performed. Users are not bound to any rules in this system. Through this system, transactions such as withdrawing, depositing or sending money are made. If people want to increase and use their savings, they should use the time deposit account, and if they just want to keep the money and shop on that money, they should choose the current account.

If people want to use a time deposit account, they must open a current bank account beforehand. This time deposit account works dependent on the current account. Thanks to the services that have increased with the developing technology, it will be possible to open these accounts through digital methods without going to the branches in any way.

Things to Consider When Opening a Bank Account

There is no need for detailed research to open a bank account. However, there are some issues need to be considered in order for the account opening process to be carried out smoothly, easily, uninterruptedly and with appropriate options. Things to consider when opening a bank account can be listed as below;

● ATM,

● Having a large number of branches,

● EFT,

● Remittance transactions,

● Has an annual account maintenance fee,

● It is very important to open an account by banks that have campaigns.


Number of ATMs and Branches

It is also possible that the more ATMs and branches of each bank appear, the more trading volume they can have in this area. When there is a problem with the banks or when transactions need to be carried out quickly, people go to the nearest branch to their region. ATMs also provide a great deal of service to their customers in this regard. However, if there is no branch or ATM in the area where people are located, in this case, individuals may experience more problems. For this reason, when opening an account from any bank, people should pay attention to the number of ATMs and branches in order to provide the best service to customers.

EFT and Remitment Transactions

In general, EFT and remitment are the most frequently performed transactions via mobile applications or ATMs by people who have an account through any bank. These transactions are known as money transfers. EFT is the transfer of money to a different bank account, and remitment to a different account that belongs to the same bank. The remitment fee is lower, as transfer transaction is generally made between the same bank accounts. However, since the EFT transaction is between different banks, the fees may be higher in this case. This fee is different for each bank. It would be better to check the fees in advance before making a transaction.

Annual Account Maintenance Fee

Currently, there is no annual account maintenance fee application in the process of opening a new bank account. After a legislative amendment, the right of banks to charge any fees has been completely abolished. Banks, on the other hand, offer different paid services instead of this fee. With these services offered, a deduction can also be made from the consumer's account. Therefore, the people should consult to the bank personnel about all details when opening an account. Likewise, the contract should be read in detail. It is also necessary to make sure that the account opening process is completely free.


Bank campaigns are not only valid for credit cards. Various campaigns and discount opportunities are offered to customers to use their debit cards regularly. In addition, points are gathered in debit cards, as in credit cards. The point accumulation process also provides various discounts on shopping. At the same time, before opening an account, there are also campaigns prepared and offered specifically for accounts via the bank's internet banking. People can open an account by finding the most advantageous bank that suits them best.

How to Open a Bank Account?

In order to open a bank account, if the account is to be opened through any bank, it will be sufficient to apply with an ID. Therefore, the process of opening the account is quite easy. Other application ways that individuals can use to open a bank account are listed as below;

● An easy application should be made to the branches of the relevant bank.

● An application can be made easily through an available online banking system of the bank where the account is requested to be opened.

● Customers can easily open an account by signing the documents sent with the courier or employee which is valid and used in some banks.

● One of the available options is remote banking. This method allows the account to be opened via video call.




Required Documents for Opening a Bank Account

The documents required to open a bank account are listed as below;

● Identity document

● Address information

● Contact number

Generally, the above information is firstly requested by banks. Then the following documents are required;

● Customer Information Form,

● Banking Services Agreement,

● Basic Banking Product Form,

● The account owner is requested to fill in the information completely and accurately and to sign the required parts by the account owner. It is also very important that these forms are carefully examined and signed by the account owner, so that the general products that are not requested are not identified on behalf of the person.


Opening a Bank Account on the Internet

With the development of the internet, internet banking started to become widespread. Thanks to internet banking or mobile banking, all account opening transactions can be carried out without going to a bank branch. However, if it is desired to open an account through internet banking, the person must have any credit or debit card previously opened on his name. An account can be opened completely online through some banking platforms that provide digital banking services. Sites that provide these digital banking services are; Systems such as e-Orange, Cepteteb and

Since May 1, 2021, the process of opening an account from remote banking via video calls has also started to be preferred. In this way, it is possible for the person to open an account on his/her behalf by video calling. Using the application, people can open an account even if they are not a customer of any bank, thanks to the video call they have made with a customer representative on the online site. Then, a signed form is sent to the person's address by courier for the request sent by the bank. After completing and signing the form in detail, people can send it back to the bank.

Bank Account Opening Fee

Any bank in Turkey does not charge commissions or fees from people to open an account. In other words, if people want to open an account, there is no need to pay any fee in this case. Banks generally charge a certain amount of commission for transfer transactions such as EFT or money order. These rates are one of the situations that vary from bank to bank. In this case, when opening an account, people should learn the commission rate in detail. This way, people open an account and performs the transactions.

When Does the Debit Card Come After Account Opening?

It may take some time for the card to be delivered to the cardholder after completing the application process in a short time to open a current account. The card belonging to the account is delivered to the address specified by the cardholder within 14 days on average, although it varies from bank to bank. After the cardholder receives the card, the card password specified by telephone banking is renewed and starts to be used actively.