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Our Values as Nazar Real Estate

Thanks to the values we have in our company, which provides service in Alanya, one of the favorite districts of our tourism paradise city Antalya, we have been serving in this sector for 26 years. Over the years, we combine our experience and knowledge with modern applications. Thus, we mobilize all our potential to provide better quality service to all our customers, both buyers and sellers.

We keep our title of being the complete judge of the area we serve with our expert staff who is dominant of the region and know the industry well. We have experienced and knowledgeable staff who can meet all your needs in real estate and investment consultancy in Alanya. We help our employees, who have always adopted the principle of smiling and customer-oriented work, to develop their knowledge and skills by making them go through orientation trainings regularly.

Thanks to our experts who instantly follow all the developments in the market, we respond to any need of our customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information. Legal regulations and legislative changes are followed immediately by us, and all our personnel are promptly informed about the changes.

Valuing Processes

One of the most important reasons why we have been at the top for 26 years in the real estate market, where we started our activities as Nazar Real Estate, is the valuing processes we make. We value your property, we buy the immovables you want to sell at their worth. We apply the same principle when we sell real estate to our customers. We do not sell any real estate above its value, we always guarantee the best price. Whatever the cost of goods is, we trade at that price.

We apply our value processes principle to your rental transactions in the same way. Together with our exploration team, we rent your immovable property, for which we have determined the rental price, at the most ideal prices for both the tenant and the owner of the property. In this way, we can always have customers who leave with a smiling face.

We should also talk about the principles of Nazar Emlak, which makes us who we are.

Innovation: As Nazar Real Estate, we make use of all kinds of technological opportunities that will be useful to us in the sector. We always make use of the latest applications possible by hosting different services that will facilitate our customers' access to services. In addition, we constantly follow the legal regulations of the market, always share the most up-to-date information and direct our practices according to that.

Confidence: We owe our survival for 26 years in Alanya, where we serve, to being trusted. We always move with the principle of accuracy for the buyer, seller, tenant and landlord. As Nazar Real Estate, we are proud that we have provided the trust issue, which is our national problem in the real estate sector.

Customer Focused Work: We shape our appointments, calls and all other services as a result of customer focused work. We always arrange our location showing, office meetings and calls according to the availability of our customers.

Qualified Service: We care more about the quality than the quantity of the work we do. Quality and qualified service understanding automatically brings quantity. By being aware of this, we always keep economic concerns in the background and ensure that each customer who reaches Nazar Emlak receives the best possible service in line with their requests.

Perfectionism: As Nazar Real Estate, we continue our activities in the sector with the understanding of perfectionism. We owe our quality service guiding the real estate sector in Alanya to this perfectionism understanding. We do not do anything we cannot do in the best way.

Sustainability: We are aware of the importance of sustainability in the real estate field, as in many other sectors. Our successful service in the field for 26 years is an indication that we have adopted this principle. We are always accessible that we always keep our offices and online workplaces open. We inform the whole of Alanya together with all our customers who receive or want to receive service from us, about the situations such as change of location, change of address.

Accessibility: We remove all handicaps to accessibility, which is one of the national problems of the real estate sector. We keep our staff serving around on duty always, answering all your questions patiently, and we consider this as our duty. Our unavailable staff will always answer your calls and provide information for a return.

Happy Customer: Nazar Emlak's biggest profit is not in economic terms, but in happy customer returns. We are always in the plans to make the customers happy who reach us. We apply our understanding of service, which puts economic gain in the background, to all of our personnel from head to toe, and we offer the chance to serve those who prioritize customer satisfaction.


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