A Wonderful Summer Is Waiting For You in Alanya! (2024)

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A Wonderful Summer Is Waiting For You in Alanya! (2024)

Alanya, one of the favorite holiday resorts of the Mediterranean, is preparing to welcome its visitors with sunny and warm weather in the summer of 2024. June July will average temperatures of around 28°C, and July and August will average temperatures of around 32°C. July June sea water temperatures will rise to 23°C, July and August will rise to 27 °C. The sea water temperature will rise to 20°C.

Sunny Days and Warm Weather:

The sun shines a lot in Alanya during the summer months. On average, we get more than 300 hours of sunlight per month. This creates an ideal environment for sunbathing, swimming and outdoor activities.

Temperature Changes:

Temperatures can vary throughout the day. While cooler weather prevails in the morning and evening, temperatures rise due to the influence of the sun in the afternoon. Therefore, it is important that you take clothes suitable for both cool and hot weather with you.


The probability of precipitation in summer is quite low. Even if it rains, it usually happens in the form of short-term and torrential downpours.


In summer, the wind is usually light breezy. This also allows you to spend a pleasant time by the sea.

Summer Activities:

There are many activities that you can do in Alanya during the summer months. Some of these are:

Sunbathing on Cleopatra Beach and enjoying the turquoise sea

To visit Alanya Castle and the historical Red Tower

Hiking and picnicking in Dim Creek

To visit Alanya Archaeological Museum

Exploring Damlataş Cave

To enjoy the magnificent view by going to Tahtali Mountain by Alanya Cable Car

Doing water sports (jet skiing, water skiing, diving, etc.)

Going on a boat tour

Visiting amusement parks and water parks

Attending concerts and festivals

Planning a Summer Vacation in Alanya:

If you are planning a summer holiday in Alanya, we recommend that you book your accommodation and plane ticket in advance. July August in particular is the peak season and prices may be higher during these months.

Transportation to Alanya:

You can reach Alanya from many different ways. Air, road and sea transportation facilities are available. Gazipasa Airport is the closest airport to Alanya and there are direct flights from many cities.

Accommodation in Alanya:

You can find accommodation options suitable for every budget in Alanya. There are many different options available from luxury hotels to hostels, apartment hotels.

Transportation in Alanya:

You can use buses, minibuses and taxis for urban transportation in Alanya.

Eating and Drinking in Alanya:

You can find the most delicious examples of Mediterranean cuisine in Alanya. Fish, seafood, olive oil Decoctions and mezes are among the most popular dishes of Alanya cuisine.

Shopping in Alanya:

You can find many different options for shopping in Alanya. Al Decadent Shopping Mall, Alara Grand Bazaar and Damlataş Street are among the most popular shopping destinations.

We wish you to have an unforgettable summer holiday in Alanya!