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Obtaining a Tax Identification Number

Obtaining a Tax Identification Number

The process of obtaining a tax identification number (TIN) is one of the most riveting subjects, especially by traders and entrepreneurs. In short, it is important to learn this system in detail, also known as TIN, and to carry out transactions accordingly. Because the most important step to take in order to fulfill all tax responsibilities of taxpayers is obtaining their identification number. This system provides the following of the movements in the registration system with the unique numbers of the institutions and individuals. In fact, it can be said that it is a part of the taxation process. The following of each applied taxable transaction is also archived by using this tax identification number.

Institutions and individuals who do not have a tax identification number will not be able to undertake some tax responsibilities. That is, having this identification number, which is given through institutions, requires people to use it during the transaction. In short, it can be said that these procedures are mandatory. It is necessary to obtain the tax identification number for all necessary transactions such as system registration during payments and fee payments, including corporate tax, and proof of liability in the application process.


What is a Tax Identification Number?

There are different applications between the taxation system for the category of liability and types of companies. But for every taxpayer, it is necessary to know the question of what is a tax identification number. At the same time, it is very important to get tax ID by getting this number. The tax identification number is the 10-digit number used by institutions, individuals and legal entities, which is defined as unique to them. Thanks to this number, all transactions and sanctions related to the taxation phase of taxpayers are also taken under record. Actually this system is like the identity number that belongs to every citizen. In other words, the tax identification number represents the identity of the taxpayer. The most common procedures and transactions with TIN are listed as below;

● Financial leasing transactions,

● Title deed and registry transactions,

● Transfer and bond transactions,

● Checks-bonds notes,

● Notarization procedures,

● Banking transactions.

For institutions and individuals who have obtained their own tax identification number, their identification number is required especially during tax follow-up and corporate transactions. The TIN represents the identity of the company during the payment and application to be made on behalf of the company. For this reason, it is of great importance to obtain the ID number requested in a large variety of fields, especially in official transactions.


Where to Get Tax Identification Number?

Many people wonder where to obtain a tax identification number. Since the establishment of the system, this transaction has been carried out through tax offices to which institutions and individuals are affiliated. However, with the development of the internet in recent years, all services have been transferred to digital environments thanks to the public services developed within the context of e-transformation. It is now possible to apply for a tax identification number from the official platforms of the tax office through e-government, which is now available for everyone. The same way, inquiry is carried out on the same system. This platform is widely used.


How to Get a Tax Identification Number through the Internet?

It has paved the way for transactions related to getting tax identification numbers from a wide variety of systems, including e-government, and public institutions that have been moved into the digital platform. Taxpayers who apply and inquire from the Internet Tax Office may actually register by completing the processes directed by the system. It can also be said that obtaining an ID number via e-government is the most practical and functional way. Because all the information belonging to the taxpayer takes place in the e-government archive. It is automatically withdrawn from the system during the application. In these transactions for the company can be applied using fully existing records without any workload. To obtain a tax identification number via e-government;

● 'VKN Application' must be written after logging into the e-government system,

● The steps of the application process and filling out the forms must be completed by following the instructions of the page that appears on the screen later.

● After the information is filled in completely, the tax identification number can be obtained from the page opened on the screen.

A wide variety of documents, from the company's field of activity to the plate code, are drawn automatically by the system. For this reason, the process can be completed and the application can be terminated by using only the required form field.


Who Must Obtain a Tax Identification Number?

Taxpayers who have completed the process of obtaining a tax number through the Internet or have applied through physical channels can perform numerous transactions with this identification number. However, it has been made compulsory for some institutions and individuals to obtain this number. Because, among legal entities or persons with a certain status, transaction registration is made only through TIN. It has been made compulsory for foreigners who have come to Turkey to open a bank account, apply for financial transactions or obtain a tax identification number in order to purchase real estate. In these transactions, only the id number can be used as an individual tax identification number for Turkish citizens. Businesses, on the other hand, should use the tax identification number in cases such as applications, financial transactions or taxation.


How to Issue a Tax Plate?

The question of how to issue a tax plate is actually a very crucial issue, especially for entrepreneurs. Because any business must have a tax plate in order to become a taxpayer on public records. For this, it is mandatory for business organizations to use digital service channels in order to obtain the tax plate later. This process can be easily achieved online with the tax plate inquiry procedures on the official websites of the Revenue Administration. Some of the steps to be followed for tax plate inquiry are listed as below;

● First, the official address of the TRA (Turkish Revenue Administration) must be entered.

● It is necessary to click on the 'Internet Tax Office' service menu under the 'e-Transactions' category in the system.

● Next it is necessary to click on the 'User Login' section and enter the code and password to be used in sending the e-Declaration.

● After the entry, tax plate search should be done on the inquiry line.

● The tax plate registered on the system should be viewed or downloaded.

Business owners can make any tax registration inquiry through the official address of the TRA. All the documents can also be printed out from here as well. However, people whose main application is to establish a company directly during the tax registration process may also need to use physical channels. All start-up businesses, including obtaining a tax certificate or forming a limited company, require a physical appliance to government offices. At the same time, it will be much more important that applications are made to certified public accountants or to the Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen.