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Buying Property Through a Lawyer

Purchasing property through a lawyer has started to become a current issue, especially after the recent fraud news. In this context, there are some details that people should know. When the property is purchased through real estate lawyers, the purchasing property transaction will be both more reliable and healthier.


What is a Real Estate Lawyer?


When the legislation is examined, no branch of advocacy has been defined under the name of real estate. For this reason, it is not a legal situation for lawyers who have been involved in real estate cases to introduce themselves as real estate lawyers. However, people who have the profession of attorneyship in Turkey can specialize with the practice of guiding. Lawyers in Turkey have the authority to follow any case or business. For this reason, the obligation to legally choose any branch and perform in that branch is not valid in the profession of attorneyship. However, especially in very big cities such as Istanbul, the practice may turn towards specialization. For this reason, lawyers who are involved in cases related to immovables named by public practically, are called real estate lawyers. Transactions such as property purchases can be made through lawyers defined as real estate.


What is the Role of Lawyers during the Real Estate Purchase?


Individuals need to pay attention to some factors to take into consideration when purchasing real estate from foreign countries. In fact, it is not an easy issue to complete this process smoothly without the help of a professional person who has all the knowledge required by laws and relevant regulations. So, people should definitely have a lawyer. However, lawyers are not always in a position to overcome all the problems in the best way. For this reason, it is very important to hire lawyers who have experience in this business.


People who want to own property through a lawyer should never grudge the lawyer that paid money. Because buying real estate is actually at a point where much bigger money is being spent. People who want to buy real estate can get through this process in a smoother way thanks to the presence of a lawyer. In fact, when looking at real estate, a specialist lawyer can be hired with less cost. Mistakes that can be made in real estate law can result in much higher amounts than the price of hiring a lawyer. In this case, all kinds of risks that may arise can be eliminated by an expert lawyer. The cost of hiring a lawyer is rather insignificant and low compared to all the expenses that may arise when buying a real estate which may become problematic. Especially when buying real estate commercially, it is necessary to make sure that the whole process is carried out in the most correct way. Therefore, it is very useful to get help from a lawyer who is an expert in real estate law. In fact, getting support from a lawyer while buying real estate will be one of the best decisions. Lawyers who have developed themselves only in the field of real estate are one of the best choices.


How to Buy Real Estate Legally?


Although the legal procedures to purchase real estate are not a very challenging process, people may find themselves in the middle of a confusion or distracting events when they buy real estate for the first time. Working with a lawyer is never compulsory when buying real estate. However, working with a lawyer shows that they will protect against any legal problems one may encounter with the property at the time of purchase. A lawyer, who can follow the purchasing procedures in the most effective way, also guarantees the real estate. Thanks to a lawyer who is an expert in the field of real estate law, almost everything will go completely for the benefit of the buyer. So, individuals can get through this process much more stressless as having an experienced lawyer following the purchasing process step by step. For those who want to buy real estate, all the controls made by the real estate law attorney or the buyer can be prepared as below;


Preparation of Sales Contract


When the people deciding to buy real estate, come to an agreement with the seller, the lawyer prepares a sales contract that includes all the terms of the agreement in the most detailed way. In fact, the sales contract can also be used as a guarantee document in case of any dispute. This contract is usually prepared by professional lawyers. As a fact, it becomes vitally important to people.


Deed Control


Experts as real estate law lawyers, check the title deed of the property shown to the person in the most detailed way. It is very important to make sure that the title deed is realistic and correct if you are buying a property which is seen and approved. Because there has been a lot of fraud lately, it is not very difficult for people to make a copy or similar of the deed. However, an expert real estate lawyer provides great benefit in this sense.


Due Diligence


Real estate lawyers generally collect all the necessary information about the financial and physical condition of the real estate that is wanted to buy, in the most detailed way. In fact, the most basic purpose here is to save the person from the situation of buying the real estate that may cause any problems in future. For this reason, lawyers usually investigate in detail whether the real estate has any debts. Or it is checked whether there is a mortgage on the real estate or whether there are any legal problems about the real estate to be purchased. At the same time, lawyers check the inhabiting of the building and whether there is a project license in detail.


Completion of the Deed Transfer without any Problem


By gathering all the necessary documents and information and preparing a suitable sales contract, the lawyers allow the person to purchase the most suitable real estate under the most suitable conditions. In this sense, the deed transfer is completed without any problems.


Buying at Buyer's Place


Lawyers can actually carry out all purchasing procedures on behalf of the person if any power of attorney is given to him/her. Being able to buy real estate through an agent can actually be the fastest and easiest method for busy people who don't have time to spare for distracting procedures. Even if people do not have time, they will always provide the most comfortable method by leaving this job to the professionals. At the same time, individuals can easily return to their daily routine without thinking about the real estate.


Are Two Lawyers Needed When Buying Real Estate?


There is no need for more than one lawyer to purchase a property through a lawyer. In general, it will be sufficient for individuals to have one lawyer for legal advice when purchasing real estate. Even just a lawyer can safely and successfully follow the purchasing procedures. In fact, if both the seller and the buyer want to use the same lawyer as their legal advisor, a single lawyer can follow this process very carefully, protecting the rights of both parties. There is no legal obstacle in this regard. However, it is generally not recommended for buyers to hire the same lawyer as the seller. Hiring a different lawyer and being sure that the lawyer will only protect the rights of the person can give the individual much more peace and confidence.


Lawyers generally promise their clients for a smooth and clean real estate purchase process. Real estate purchases can be made in a much better way by choosing teams from experienced local experts. Expert lawyers closely follow the local real estate market. In this sense, people can easily find the most suitable real estate for their needs and preferences. Lawyers conduct due diligence in the most detailed way before contributing to the real estate portfolio. In this way, it offers real estate to its customers without any problems. At the same time, it acts as an arbitrator between the seller and the buyer and protects the rights of both parties. There are usually no problems when buying real estate with a lawyer. In this sense, both time and money of people will not be wasted.