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Buyer's Guide 

The buyer's guide is generally one of the guides that presents the most detailed information about what to consider when buying a house or property. It has generally been developed in order to be able to help the person for buying the best flat in Turkey and. It has been developed in order to find various and spacious apartments in big or complex cities such as Istanbul. Because the property purchase process can be considered as a very complex period. In this sense, thanks to the most accurate information and guidance, the process will be much shorter and presented much more easily. The buyer's guide has been simplified as possible by combining the knowledge of experts and real estate agents. These people are aware of that they need to work with the best and experienced real estate agents in order to find apartments in Turkey. However, the market moves very quickly. So, most of the desired apartments are not easily accessible.

When this process is controlled by the agencies, the situation of finding the person's dream apartment will be realized in a much shorter time. The buyer guide also provides great simplicity to people in this sense. Buyer's guide has a wide portfolio made to provide access to the best flats in big cities like Istanbul or any city in Turkey. The buyer's guide is distributed under many different headings, and allows the person to reach the property they want to buy much more easily.


Buyer Directory Purpose 

When people want to buy a house, they see that they actually have a lot of options ahead. In this sense, it is very important to focus on the features that can make the search easier while making it efficient. In order to resolve this process as soon as possible key elements should be taken into consideration. These key items can be listed as below;


The price of an apartment actually depends on a wide variety of factors. Various factors such as building type, location, conditions, features, size determine the price of the apartment. For this reason, it is very important to decide the budget accordingly at the beginning.

Location and Environment 

A number of factors can actually affect the location of the place you live in. A house in a location close to work or children’s school can be attractive for people. At the same time, requests such as being close to certain parks, close to cafes and restaurants can be among the preferences. People can specify these preferences beforehand and direct the real estate agent in this way. Especially big cities can offer an option for everyone in this sense. The buyer's guide also conveys this in detail.


Flat Size and Features

Before buying a property, people should first consider the size and features of the apartment. Wishes such as single-bed rooms, large living spaces, home office working environment, maid or guest room, beautiful views determine what features of the one are more important to him/her. At the same time, these features determine the price of all kinds of property. For this, people in advance should decide how much they should pay for these features. Priorities should be determined accordingly.

Building Type and Features 

It is necessary to decide of what kind of buildings people want to buy real estate. Property can be purchased from boutique sites or residences with extensive social facilities. In addition, the importance of features such as concierge, ease of transportation, pool, security, pet policy, sports activities and similar features should be determined. The profiles of the buildings, which are included in almost every condominium, can be determined accordingly to help the buyer. Generally, buyers have three basic options. Whether or not the property purchase is required, the type of residence and the neighborhood where the residence is located. Actually, each of them has different advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends completely on the buyer's preference. The buyer's guide determines more detailed goals about what kind of property the person wants for himself/herself in this case.

Benefits of Using a Real Estator 

There are many benefits of using a realtor. Because unless there is a real estate agent consultant, it will be difficult for a person to find an apartment that is ideal for him. Especially big cities have a very large market. In this context, since it is a much faster and more complex market, it will be much more difficult for people to find a property by moving on their own. The buyer guide lives the market in every meaning and takes the right breath in the market for this. While many people can buy a flat in almost a few years, buyer guides can buy and sell many more transactions in a year. Because the buyer's guide makes the trades so quickly, it will find out beforehand what kinf of property people can buy for their target. So, it will be much better to work with experienced real estate consultancy. People should realize that they are not the only ones who want to find the best and most suitable apartment for the criterias they are looking for while purchasing an apartment. Because the buyers of ideal and suitable apartments are generally more than a hundred. In this sense, when people feel comfortable while working with the buyer guide they can trust, they will stand out from this competition. The buyer's guide entirely helps to move much faster in this competition. If people do not work with any guide, then they may also have a disadvantage against the competition. For this reason, it is important to think carefully and be sure about what you want and to work with the right buyer guide to find the perfect apartment.

To Be Serious 

People only work with serious participants in the purchase and sale of a real estate, as in any commercial service or transaction. In this sense, sellers may not show their homes to people who seem ready in no way to buy the property. If people are still not ready to buy a property or if they are indecisive in this situation, they can engage in the buyer's guide and trade more comfortably in this sense.

Being Loyal to the Recipient Guide 

The loyalty of the buyer guide is also very important in this business. Working with a single buyer's guide to find the perfect apartment will prevent people from getting confused. Because there can be rivalities with too many people among the guides. Because of these rivalities, people can buy the wrong target. When the guides are suspicious of the person who wants to buy the property, that is, if the buyer is working with another buyer’s guide or is not serious about buying the property, then the guides may also recommend another person. For this reason, guides may not be aware of the seriousness of the buyer and may work with more serious customers. In this sense, what needs to be done is to work with a single guide. It also means being sure of the purchase. Of course, the main purpose here is to find the perfect property for the person who wants to buy it. For this reason, if people are not content with the guide they are working with, they should infirm them and work with a different buyer guide. People if necessary can choose a guide themselves.

Short Information About Real Estates 

The probability of purchasing a real estate or flat for the people is very low when they see it on the website. Because clicking on any ad without being more familiar with the market shows that the people are not in favor of buying. In addition, people can find similar real estates that they have seen through the buyer's guide and websites. Because apartments are actually bought and sold pretty quickly. So they are frequently updated. However, because the guides are aware of this situation, they behave according to this. But working with the best real estate agent will take you much further. So it is very important not to work with more than one buyer guide. It will be much more important for people to work with a single guide that they can feel comfortable with and trust completely. When working with more than one guide, real estate agents think that buyers are not dependent on them and so, they do not make 100% effort to find the property buyers want.

Before buying a property, people should examine several apartments to determine if they are ready for this situation. Mediator institutions spend significant amounts of time for planning. They do not receive any payment for the service. People who are not ready to buy should definitely explain the reason to the buyer's guide. The guide, on the other hand, helps buyers more in this regard. However, if people do not show this before starting work, the guide will help the person less.

Each flat is known to be negotiable. For that, it is necessary not to give low bids under the guidance of the buyer. A low bid will be very embarrassing for both the brokerage firm and the individuals. In this case, the guides actually inform the person. It also shows how the apartments with the lowest price are requested in the market. If individuals realize that they do not fit into their own budget, they can draw a path towards this. Before buying an apartment, individuals should explain to their guide in detail the obstacles to purchasing and their current financial situation. At the same time, buyers must be prepared to act quickly. Because there is a lot of competition in the market, in this sense, moving  much faster is needed. Buyers should always be ready to buy. They should plan the purchase by focusing on an apartment or a property rather than making a random purchase. It is very important for buyers to be realistic about the market. It will also be important for the guides to get a detailed idea of what the buyers want. The buyer's guide communication of those who are serious in this process should be updated anytime. That is, they must communicate regularly. Because guides can only help when you contact to them. At the same time, it is very important to respond to e-mails and phone calls that may come from the guide in time.