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Subscriptions (Internet, Electricity and Water)

Subscriptions (Internet, Electricity and Water)


The idea of moving to a new home or a new office is found as exciting by many people. However, it can be said that it is actually a very difficult process. Subscriptions, finding a transport company, packing or a wide variety of processes are among the situations that people will have to deal with in this sense. Cleaning the house, transporting all stuff, placing the furniture are also included in this period. However, bring the natural gas, water or electricity in use is among the issues that should be considered before all of them.



How is Electricity Subscription Application Made?


If people want to move to a brand new flat, they must do the subscription processes at first place. It is necessary to go to the branches of the electricity distribution company of the province where you are settled. Subscriber connection transactions are made through these branches. There are some documents required for electricity subscription. If these documents are completed in full, electricity subscription opening process takes place. To open an electronic subscription from scratch, some documents as below are needed;


● Approved electrical project,


● Settlement report,


● A document showing that it belongs to the property (residence, rental contract, title deed, etc.),


● Identity card,


● Compulsory Earthquake Insurance policy.



How to Obtain Electricity Subscription?


If the electricity has been connected to the house before, but if it is wanted to be subscribed on one’s name, what’s needed to do in this case is actually quite simple. All subscription process can be done easily through the internet. The website of the electricity company, which is the distributor, informs the person with the necessary steps. Apart from this, it is also possible to bring the electricity in use by going to the branch offices of the distributor company. The documents required to change the electricity subscription are listed as below;


 ● Identity card,


 ● A document stating that it belongs to the property (deed registration, public housing allocation document, rental contract, etc.),


● Installation or subscriber number belonging to the flat,


 ● TCIP policy or policy number and T. C. identification number of the policyholder,


 ● IBAN number.



How to Apply for Electricity Subscription Online?


In order for the house to be moved to connect the electrical energy on behalf of the person, an application must be made to the relevant company at first place. However, there is not a single company authorized on this matter in our country. The company to apply for might vary according to the city of residence. However, people can easily apply through the electricity distribution companies serving in their region. At the same time, it is a very easy process to apply through online electricity subscription. The points to consider for online subscription application are as below;


 ● In order to apply for electricity subscription via e-government, firstly, it is necessary to go to the 'Services' page offered by the 'Electricity Incumbent Supply Companies'.


 ● After entering this page, a login is requested through the system. The login options are selected and entered into the e-government system.


 ● Next, the province where the subscription should be made must be selected.


 ● At the same time, a new application can be made through the 'Individual Subscription Application' tab.


 ● In addition, all necessary transactions can be made from the "Online Transactions" section of the website of the electricity company from which the service will be obtained, in order to conclude the electricity subscription agreement.



How to Apply for Water Subscription?


If a water subscription application will be made for a residence for the first time, the application can be made by going directly to the branche offices of the water distribution companies. The documents requested from the people who want to open a subscription for the first time are listed as below;


 ● Identity card,


 ● Title deed or lease contract,


 ● Settlement certificate


 ● Construction site water number belonging to the building


 ● Compulsory Earthquake Insurance policy


At the same time, some required documents may vary depending on the distribution company. All necessary documents can be easily accessed via the internet of the water distribution company of the region.



How to Get Water Subscription?


If people want to buy a subscription that has already been opened, they can apply in person through the branche offices. At the same time, water usage opening can be done through the internet. If the person lives in Istanbul, he can easily make online water subscription transactions via e-government. This is valid not only for Istanbul, but for each city in Turkey. If people are going to apply personally, the following documents must be complete;


 ● Identity card,


 ● Document of which ownership is specified (deed registration, rental contract, public housing allocation document, etc.),


 ● An old invoice or meter serial number belonging to the meter,


 ● Current mark of the counter,


 ● Compulsory Earthquake Insurance policy



How to Apply for Water Subscription Online?


The e-government application can be used to apply for water subscription online. Just as in electricity subscription, people must apply for water subscription to the company that provides service in the place where they live. In order to apply for water subscription via e-government, it is first necessary to go to the e-services page submitted by the Water and Sewerage Supply Companies. After choosing one of the options to log in to the system, e-government must be logged in. The city where the subscription process will be made must be selected. The company that will serve the person should be selected on the page opening. Then, a new application can be made by selecting the "new subscription application and follow-up" option. All necessary transactions can be carried out via the e-government as well as the website of the water and supply companies serving the city where the person is located.



How to Apply for Natural Gas Subscription?


It can be said that the most challenging one among the subscriptions is to open the natural gas subscription for the first time. If a subscription is to be done for the first time for the residence, first of all, it is necessary to make a project through the installation companies that are authorized for the interior installation. Afterwards, an application should be made to connect the natural gas service box or to draw the line if it does not pass from the street. After the controls, the natural gas connection can be made easily. The documents required for those who want to open natural gas for the first time are listed as below;


● Identity card,


● Title deed of the flat,


● Compulsory Earthquake Insurance policy,


● If a line is drawn to the apartment for the first time and the apartment consists of 8 sections or more, a notarized registration note in the apartment decision book is required,


● Building permit,


● Numbering document,


● Building square meter scale.


The documents needed to connect natural gas to a house or apartment that does not have a natural gas connection before may differ depending on whether there is a line at the place where the house is located or according to distribution companies. Therefore, the website of the distribution company of the region should be examined in detail. It will be much better to apply after the necessary details are learned.



How to Get Natural Gas Subscription?


It can be said that this process is not really hard if people are going to take the natural gas subscription. It is possible to apply to the companies from their branche offices together with the necessary documents to change the natural gas subscription. If people wish, they can apply online through the websites of the distributors. If the application is to be made in person from the branche offices, the required documents are listed as below;


 ● Identity card,


 ● Document whose ownership is specified (deed registration, rentalcontract, public housing allocation document, etc.),


 ● Installation or subscriber number belonging to the flat,


 ● Compulsory Earthquake Insurance policy,


 ● The cost of turning on natural gas may actually differ depending on which gas elements (stove, combi boiler, etc.) will be turned on.



How to Apply for Natural Gas Subscription Online?


Natural gas subscription application can be made easily via e-government. In order for the person who will make the contract to apply, all process can be followed through online transactions as below;


 ● In order to apply for natural gas subscription online, first of all, it is necessary to go to the e-government page submitted by natural gas distribution companies via e-government.


 ● One of the options to log in to the system must be selected and login must be done via e-government.


 ● In order to receive the natural gas subscription service, the desired province must be selected.


 ● Afterwards, the individual subscription application section should be clicked on and the necessary applications are done.


 ● Apart from e-government, a subscription application may also be made easily  from the website of the company that has provided natural gas distribution in the city where they live.



Compulsory Earthquake Insurance


Compulsory earthquake insurance, which must be paid attention to when opening subscriptions and must be renewed every year, is one of the truths for Turkey. Because it provides the least amount of financial impact from the earthquake. The physical damage of the flat, which has been damaged during or after the earthquake, can be covered by the compulsory earthquake insurance. In this context, it is very important for people to have compulsory earthquake insurance.