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Residence Permits in Turkey

A Residence Permit is a document that permits a foreign national to live in Turkey for a certain period. For stays of more than 90 days, the permit must be issued by Turkey's government. A number of documents are required to obtain a Residence Permit. These include a passport, proof that sufficient funds have been obtained, and proof that you have health insurance. You can renew the permit annually. The requirements for renewal are the same as those for the original application.


Who Needs a Turkey Residence Permit

A Residence Permit is required for foreign nationals who intend to stay in Turkey for longer than 90 days within a 180-day span. Individuals who are studying, working, or retired may need a Residence Permit. Some countries have bilateral agreements with Turkey that allow their citizens to remain in Turkey for extended periods of time without the need for a permit.


Types of Residence in Turkey

Turkey has many types of residence permits:

  1. Short-Term Residence Permit: This permits a foreign national to reside in Turkey for up to 180 days.
  2. Long-Term Residence Permit: This permit permits a foreign national to live in Turkey for one year. It is renewable each year.
  3. Work Permit: This permit is necessary for foreign nationals who want to work in Turkey. It is usually valid for one-year.
  4. Students Residence Permit: This permit allows foreign students to reside in Turkey for the duration of their studies.
  5. Retirement Residence Permit: This permit can be issued to foreign nationals who want to retire in Turkey for a period of one year.
  6. Family Residence Permit: This permit can be issued to family members of foreign nationals who have a long-term residence permit or work permit in Turkey.


1.Short-Term Residence Permit

A Short-Term Residence Permit to Turkey allows foreign nationals to reside in Turkey for up 180 days. This permit is typically issued to people who visit Turkey for short-term business, tourism, and other purposes. 


2.Long-Term Residence Permit

A type of Residence Permit, the Long-Term Residence Permit (Turkey), allows foreigners to live in Turkey for up to one year. The permit can be renewed each year and is for those who intend to stay for a longer period of time in Turkey. 


3.Work Permit

For foreign nationals who want to work in Turkey, the Work Permit is a type or Residence Permit. The permit is valid for one year, and it is usually tied to the job and employer. A Work Permit can only be obtained if the applicant has been offered a job by a Turkish employer. The Turkish employer will then sponsor the application. 

The required documents include a passport, proofs of education, professional experience, and a health certificate. It can take several weeks to apply for a permit. The permit cannot be transferred to another job or employer. A Work Permit allows individuals to work and live in Turkey for the term of the permit. However, certain restrictions may apply such as a minimum wage requirement.


4. Student Residence Permit

A Student Residence Permit is a permit that allows foreign students to reside in Turkey. The permit allows the student to live in Turkey during the course of their study program. A Student Residence Permit can only be obtained by students who have been accepted at a Turkish university and provided the required documentation, including a passport and proof of sufficient funds.

A Student Residence Permit allows individuals to live and study in Turkey. They may also be allowed to work part-time while they are studying.


5. Retirement Residence Permit

A type of Residence Permit called the Retirement Residence Permit in Turkey, is issued to foreign citizens who want to retire in Turkey. This permit is valid for a year and can be renewed annually.

Individuals can reside and work in Turkey with a Retirement Residence Permit. They can still travel, enjoy the local climate and culture, and engage in recreational and social activities. You may be eligible for healthcare benefits and other benefits through the permit.


6.Family Residence Permit

A Family Residence Permit is a type residence permit that is issued to family members of a Turkish national who has a Long-Term Residence Permit (or Work Permit) in Turkey. This permits the permit holder's family members (spouse and children) to reside in Turkey. The Family Residence Permit requires the family members to provide the required documents such as a passport, marriage certificate or birth certificate. 

Permit holder must also provide proof of employment and permit. This permit is valid for the same period as the main permit holder and can be renewed annually. A Family Residence Permit allows family members to travel, study and live in Turkey with relative ease.


Residence Permits in Turkey Requirement

Foreign nationals need to meet certain requirements in order to obtain a Residence Permit for Turkey. These requirements may vary depending upon the permit type. The following information and documents are generally required:

  • Passport: Valid passport that has at least six months left validity.
  • You must prove that you have sufficient funds. This can be bank statements or a letter from a sponsor.
  • Insurance: Valid proof of health insurance for the duration of your stay in Turkey.
  • Criminal background check: A certificate indicating good conduct or clearance from the police.
  • Evidence of the purpose of staying: Individuals may be required to show proof of their intention to stay in Turkey depending on the permit they are applying for. This could include a job offer, or admission into an educational institution.

Additional documents and information, including a resume, curriculum vitae or medical certificate, tax number, and photos, may be required in addition to the basic requirements. Each type of Residence Permit has its own requirements and they are subject to change.


Apply Proccess Residence Permits in Turkey

The following steps are required to apply for a Residence Permit for Turkey:

  • Acceptance into a Turkish educational institution or job offer: It depends on the type and permit.
  • Collect all necessary documents: Get passports, proof of sufficient funding, medical insurance, criminal background checks, and other documents.
  • Send the application: Complete the application and all required documents to the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate, or directly to the local Turkish immigration authority.
  • Pay the application fee
  • Wait for the decision. The processing time for a Residence Permit may vary but it typically takes several weeks. The decision will be communicated to the applicant by the immigration authority.
  • Receive the permit: The applicant will be issued a Residence Permit if their application is accepted. This usually comes in the form a sticker or stamp in his passport.