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Rental Property Management


Rental Property Management provides convenience by providing short and long term services for those who own a home in Turkey or for those who stay in Turkey for a short time. Many people, while buying a house from other countries, are actually thinking of having a second income by renting the house they bought when they are not in the country. At the same time, especially if individuals are considering buying real estate for investment, then the rental service fully meets almost every need of individuals. On the other hand, if people have more than one property, the rental property management service is one of the best services that can be taken to maintain the first-class quality of the properties.


What is Rental Property Management?


Rental property management service is actually one of the services that ensures all kinds of works related to the operation and rental of the property run smoothly. It helps customers with a variety of aspects such as the daily management of their property, generating rent, finding tenants or maintaining the property. In fact, the responsibilities of the management may vary according to the type of property. Rental real estate management can be detailed for the following topics.


Rental Property Management


Key Protection


The property's keys are kept in a safe place, allowing easy entry and exit 24/7 for tenants or guests upon request.


Cleaning Service


Services include first-class cleaning, such as dry cleaning or sedding change.


Property Maintenance


Everyone applying to this system is protected as if it were their own home. Any problems that may arise at home are responded to as quickly as possible.


Professional Shooting


In order to reflect the quality of the house in the most accurate way, professional photo shooting service is provided.


Presentation, Marketing and Listing


The house is published on more than 15 global portals, which are leaders in the industry, with 3D tours and quality photos.


24/7 Support


In order to ensure the comfort of the host and guests in the best way, service is provided with 24/7 customer support.


Price Optimization


Rental property management also follows the rental home market in detail in order to maximize the earning. By following the rental house market, it is ensured that the property is rented in accordance with the seasonal price with optimum occupancy in every way.


Interior design


The decoration of the property is meticulously arranged to provide guests for an unforgettable holiday experience. Interior design also increases the income of rentals.


Online Performance Reporting


The performance of the property is also followed in relation to the comments and impressions of the customers. In this sense, income and expenses are controlled in the best way. It is determined which targets should be focused in order to improve performance.


What are the Advantages of Real Estate Management Service?


There are many advantages of property management service. These services can be viewed under the following headings;


Obtaining Superhost Status


Improving performance in property searches helps attract more tenants to that property. 'Airbnb Superhost' status is granted to increase listing visibility to attract more tenants.


Qualified Tenants


You can enjoy the smooth rental process with the tenants who make the payment on time. Such situations are taken into account when choosing a tenant.


Best Income for Investment


Especially for long-term rentals, much more than 60% to 200% rental income is obtained on average. Thus, homeowners' earnings are maximized.


Renting a House Comfortably


Especially when more than one transaction is made, homeowners can get stressed in this sense. However, thanks to rental real estate management, there is no need to deal with any issue in this process and the process is managed in an unstressful way.


Flexible Calendar


People can stay in their own home whenever they want. If the house is to be rented again later, the personnel can be reached for the rental process. So, tenants can be found much more easily.


Legal Support


All kinds of legal procedures related to the house are carried out in the easiest way. People can leave the job entirely to professionals without dealing with any paperwork.


Is it Profitable Buying Real Estate to Rent in Turkey?


In fact, there is a very profitable investment opportunity in rental real estate when viewed from a short and long-term perspective. Renting is one of the popular options for investors, especially in recent times. Thanks to the investment real estate strategies having high rental income in Turkey, it is possible to start earning money in a short time. With all these information, the real estate rental process can also be quite challenging when a high level of professional help is not taken. In this process, when it is agreed with a company that can provide professional service, it saves people a lot of money and time.


When working with professional companies, people will also be protected from frauds in their housing rental markets. Property management companies also have the power to take action in full compliance with the law when landlords are faced with adverse situations, such as the renters do not pay their rent on time. The company, acting in a professional manner, secures the landlords against any negative situation together with all the rent policies required during this rental process.


  • Even the rental properties with the best investment and comfort in the housing markets cannot find their tenants easily when there is no marketing strategy. People who work with a real estate management company, especially successful in advertising, ensure that their rental properties see value with the best marketing strategy. Experienced companies that implement the best advertising strategy actually have a large pool of leads. Thus, a good ad copy writer knows very well where to advertise the ad or take high-quality photos.


  • Tenant candidates who want to see the property may want to see the property in a short time, but the property owner may not always be available. In fact, there are many options to choose in this case. However, if the host is not available, such situations may result in the loss of tenants. Thanks to the real estate management service, it is possible to easily enter and exit the property 24/7 during the rental period.


  • If you work with a professional real estate management company, then there will be no foreign language problem among the tenants. That's because experienced companies generally have staffing teams that can communicate with customers in multiple languages. So, teams who are experts in their fields have a good relationship with contractors, trademen, suppliers, cleaning services and vendors. At the same time, it ensures the most successful management of the entire process between the tenant and the owner.


  • For effective leasing methods, firstly strategic and correct steps should be taken. Real estate management, on the other hand, provides individuals to present all the details about the property online and to follow the process. Thanks to professional real estate companies, all data is reported accurately. For this purpose, a completely transparent policy is followed towards the landlords. The reports show what goals should be achieved in order to achieve maximum profit, rather than how the property is going through or performing in the rental process.


One of the most important reasons for getting service from real estate management is to know the money market in the best way. For this, it provides the opportunity to work with a reliable team. As long as it is ensured that the property will be managed well during this process, no worries and stress will be reflected to the property owner.