Advantages of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

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Advantages of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

Advantages of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

Although the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship are one of the topics that foreigners are most curious about, some Turkish citizens are not able to dominate the benefits of being a citizen tough. However, being a Turkish Citizen has great benefits that can be provided both to people themselves and to their family. Turkey is a country that respects all religions and allows everyone to practice their religion freely. At the same time, it provides much safer living conditions than many countries. A foreign person who has acquired Turkish citizenship can also live in Turkey as a Turkish Citizen when necessary. However, they can also benefit from social security by working. The benefits of being a Turkish Citizen can be summarized under different headings.

Having Turkish Citizen Rights

A foreign person who has acquired Turkish citizenship will have all the rights that a Turkish citizen has, regardless of language, race and religion.

Family and Children Also Benefit from Citizenship

People who have applied for Turkish citizenship can acquire Turkish citizenship with their spouse, children under the age of 18 and potential children that may be born in the future.

Benefiting from Health Services

Both the family and the person of a foreigner who has acquired Turkish citizenship can benefit from all health services.S/he can receive service free of charge in all kinds of hospitals operating in Turkey and having international standards. It also ensures that both the person and their family are safe in terms of health.

Benefiting from High Standard Education Opportunities

For foreigners in Turkey, there are a wide variety of primary schools, secondary schools and high schools that provide services entirely in their mother language, as well as a wide variety of universities that provide education above world quality. When people have Turkish citizenship, they have the service of getting education in high quality standards for themselves or their families through these educational institutions and universities, which provide free or private service. University students living in Turkey can benefit from tuition loans with or without repayment, such as the Education and Loan Dormitory Institution. People who are Turkish citizens can also benefit from this loan even if they pass from a foreign citizenship to Turkish citizenship.

Strengthens Business Relationships

Turkey, which has assumed a very important role in international trade due to the international business world and the assurance of its economic power, continues to keep its commercial relations in a wide variety of fields and in hundreds of different sectors. Foreigners who can carry out commercial activities through Turkey can also use Turkish citizenship to develop their power in commercial relations.

Getting an E2 Investor Visa Is Much Easier

Turkish citizens can invest by establishing a company in the USA or by taking over their existing businesses. For this, he can apply for the E2 investor visa much more easily. Applicants for the E2 investor visa must have an agreement with the United States of America of their home country. Since Turkey has an agreement on this, you can easily have an investor visa.

Can Have Dual Citizenship

Turkey is a country that allows dual citizenship, which is not available in many countries. Foreigners have dual citizenship thanks to the Turkish citizenship they will obtain from their own citizenship. If the people are citizens of a country that does not allow dual citizenship, then they must comply with the turquoise card conditions applied by the Turkish Government. In this case, people can have an indefinite work and residence permit through Turkey.

Benefiting from the Ankara Agreement

Thanks to Turkish citizenship, people can set up a business through Turkey and settle in the UK. This situation is realized with the Ankara Agreement. A person who is a Turkish Citizen can easily benefit from the opportunity to establish a business in the UK.

Living in Turkey for a Long Time

When a foreigner stays in Turkey for a long time, he must have a work or residence permit and renew it regularly in order to benefit from Turkey's climate, cultural beauties, natural beauties and social life conditions. When people have Turkish citizenship, there is no restriction on the length of staying in Turkey.

Benefiting from Inheritance Law

If a foreigner is a Turkish citizen, he will be completely subject to Turkish laws and Turkish inheritance law regarding inheritance. When a person dies, the goods acquired through Turkey are distributed among the person's heirs according to the shares as specified by law.

Right to Vote

If people acquire Turkish citizenship later, they will have the right to vote like people who are Turkish citizens at birth.

Benefiting from Retirement Benefits

The right of social security is one of the rights the citizens have. A foreign person who has acquired Turkish citizenship will have the right to retire upon completion of the number of days, age requirement and premium payment.

Right to vote and to be elected

A person who is a Turkish citizen has the right to vote and be elected. S/he can participate in the elections in cases where representatives such as the mayor, the headman or the deputy have participated.

Following the Law

The state sets various rules in order to maintain the social order in general. Being able to comply with the rules of family, school and society provides a lot of benefits to the person. Those who do not obey the laws are punished. If the laws are not obeyed, the order of the society is disturbed. It is possible for a foreigner who gets Turkish citizen to be guilty if he does not comply with the law.

Paying Taxes

People who are Turkish citizens also have responsibilities such as paying taxes. The money that the state receives from individuals in order to meet its general needs is called tax. Tax money returns to the public as roads, schools, bridges and hospitals. Income tax, corporate tax, stamp tax, value added tax, property tax are included in these taxes in Turkey. People who are Turkish Citizens are obliged to pay taxes.

Do the military service

Turkish citizens and healthy people should join the military from the age of 20. Turkey and the world need a strong army to secure their future. Turkish citizens can work for the Turkish Armed Forces for the purpose of protecting the country. It also protects the country with its air, land and naval forces.